EAP Training

As a Drug Free Workplace Coordinator, please print and distribute a newsletter and sign-in sheet for each quarter.

Give each employee and supervisor a copy of the newsletter then, have them complete the sign-in sheet, which along with your signature, will certify that the employees have completed the training.

Repeat the process for your supervisors/managers with the appropriate supervisor training newsletter and sign-in sheet for each quarter.

Four trainings must be completed annually by employees and supervisors for certification. Remember, supervisors must complete both employee and supervisor requirements.

Fax the completed sign-in sheets to Archbold Employee Assistance Program at 229.228.2215, and we will issue your documents of completion each year. If you prefer, you may also mail the original sign-in sheets to us at:

Archbold Employee Assistance Programs, P. O. Box 1018, Thomasville, GA 31799-1018