swingbed program

Generally when patients are first admitted to a hospital, they require nursing care. The first entry into the hospital is called an "acute care" admission. Usually the patient steadily regains his health and the need for extensive care is reduced. Eventually, the patient is well enough to be discharged from the hospital.

Sometimes, however, a patient may need an extended period of time after the acute phase of an illness to fully recuperate (usually two to three weeks). This type of medical attention is called "skilled nursing care" and is the type of care usually given in a nursing home or other healthcare setting.

Instead of transferring the patient needing skilled care to a nursing home, we offer the "Swingbed Care" option.

When the patient in the hospital recuperates to the point where only skilled care is needed, the patient’s status is changed from acute care to swingbed care. The patient is cared for in the hospital in much the same way as care would be provided in a nursing home, only with a higher intensity of services generally provided only by a hospital.