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Changing My Story

Wow! This week was a battle with the scale! I have been in the gym all week! Some days I dragged myself in, but once there I just felt I could do one more thing before I left. I can tell I'm getting stronger in my core classes, and I'm getting a little better at certain exercises. I love working with Taylor, our trainer at Planet Fitness. She pushes us to give it our all. Tuesday I decided to try the Hammer strength machine for abdominal muscles. I haven't been able to do more than...

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Working Through Wall Sits

I had only 3 days of working out at Planet Fitness this week. They were 3 good days of hard work, though, and my body is telling me that! My workouts Monday and Wednesday were dedicated the PF360 Burn. I had to really push through the last set with the help of my fellow work out partner, we push each other to finish every set. I can feel everything I worked on. No pain, no gain! I feel accomplished after my time put in at the gym. I decided to add some wall sits into my work outs at...

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Good Workouts and Healthy Dinners

Well, I had to work hard this week to get back on the good side of my scale! The scale has no filter, but you have to love it for always telling you the truth. I dreaded the 30 minute circuit on Monday at Planet Fitness, but Taylor didn’t let up and one of my friends in the gym has been very supportive. We push each other to do more! Robert also worked out in the burn class this week. We put in some hard work! I had a taste for a Philly Cheese Steak, so I made them for dinner....

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Working Out During Vacation

This week was a busy one from Monday until today (Sunday). On Monday, I finished an appointment early enough to make half of my first workout class, but by the end of the third class I could not tell I missed anything! I had an appointment on Tuesday that was out of town so I didn't work out at all. I did some stretching at home just to feel like I did something productive. Wednesday’s workout included was brutal 3 classes at Planet Fitness (circuit, core and PF360Burn), but I...

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Feeling the Burn at Planet Fitness

This Friday was weigh-in day with our dietitian, Hannah. In the past I have done Team Lean and other weight loss challenges, but I’ve never focused on the entire process of making a lifestyle change until Live Better Fit. I don’t lose weight under pressure, and I felt that challenge with other programs. LB Fit has given me confidence to lose weight the right way, and as of my first weigh-in, I have lost 14 pounds! Yeah Me! I know I have more work to do, but I am proud! I tried a...

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Week 3

Every week I feel a little more confident in this process, even though the scale isn't moving the way I would like, but I trust the process. I feel a little more comfortable with the free weights after working with Taylor (Planet Fitness trainer). I'm still trying to master the Stairmaster, but right now it's still winning! The pause button is a great feature.

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Week 2

Hello, everyone! I have had a good week. I am eating good and staying within my 1,800 calorie goal. I have found this challenging sometimes, not because I'm close to going over my allotted calorie amount, but I find when I am eating the right foods, I'm not hitting my goal. My Fitness Pal will definitely let you know that you're at a deficit! I have been to Planet Fitness every day except Thursday. I was so sore from Taylor's (my trainer) workout in the 30 minute circuit class, 30...

Photo for Week 1

Week 1

Wow! It’s been a week already! I went in and worked out on my own on Monday, after going over my new food lifestyle change with Hannah our dietitian. I never realized I skipped meals so much until I tried to recall what I would eat on a given day. My goals this week are eating more balanced meals and snacks, as well as drinking more water. My water goal is to drink at least 60 ounces of water a day. I tried cooking spiral Zucchini this week and it was really good! I...

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Meet Debbie Campbell

Debbie Campbell Age – 54 Gym – Planet Fitness What are you most looking forward to during the Live Better Fit program? I am so excited to be a part of Live Better Fit! I’m ready to begin a new life that has consistent fitness and nutrition habits. How long have you struggled with weight loss? I’ve struggled with weight loss most of my life. It seems every time I lose weight, I just end up gaining it back. How will you reward yourself at the end of the program if you...