Increased Safety

Because Gamma Knife surgery is noninvasive and does not require anesthesia, the risk of infection, post-operative hemorrhage, and other complications is minimal. The procedure requires only a small amount of local anesthesia for the head-frame fitting. Most patients receive light sedation to relax.

Outpatient Procedure, Fast Recovery

Gamma Knife surgery is one-day, usually outpatient treatment. Occasionally a patient may stay overnight for observation. Most patients return to pre-treatment activities, including work, 24-48 hours later. Usually no physical therapy or rehabilitation is needed. For all of these reasons, radiosurgery is an extremely cost-effective treatment.


Documented outcomes prove the treatment's safety and effectiveness. Clinical studies show that in comparison to other procedures, Gamma Knife radiosurgery typically results in higher success rates, a significantly lower incidence of recurrence of tumors, and reduced risk of serious side effects.