How it Works

Not an actual knife, the Leksell Gamma Knife is an incredibly precise computerized instrument that aims rays of radiation (gamma rays) at brain abnormalities and tumors. It is proven safe and extremely effective.

The Gamma Knife is revolutionary because it focuses a halo of up to 201 individual rays on the target problem, even a target of pinpoint size. Each gamma ray by itself is weak and harmless. But together the focused rays converge with power and precision. A single beam hits the lesion or tumor. Surrounding healthy tissue is spared. The radiation works over time to eliminate or slow the growth or abnormality.

How is the Gamma Knife so precise? A key element is the patented head frame that aims radiation beams with extraordinary accuracy. Using breakthrough science, this frame interfaces seamlessly with MRI, CT scan, or angiography images of your brain. Sophisticated 3D computerization allows our physicians to map the target's size, shape, and location and to calculate exact gamma ray patterns and dosages no matter how irregular the target. Each person's treatment plan is unique.